Mike and Jean, the proud owners of Turk and Larkin Deli, opened up this establishment in 1978. Originally sold to them as a mini market for the neighborhood, selling fresh fruits and vegetables, Mike and Jean wanted more. They slowly began introducing a few fresh made salads as well as a handful of different sandwich options.

    Folks were excited that there was a new place in the neighborhood that they could go to for lunch. After getting married the following year, they shut down the shop for a few months and converted the location to be a fully operational deli. Mike and Jean wanted a name that was unique and different. After going through many ideas, they finally decided to name it Turk and Larkin Deli; The cross streets of the deli's location in San Francisco.

Since 1979, Mike and Jean have served nothing less than quality, freshness and their complete heart and soul into everything they create.